Shiva Moorthy

Shiva is an engineering graduate who found his calling in music. Having picked up a guitar almost 10 years ago, he plays a variety of genres ranging from fusion to heavy metal. He is the co-founder of a metal band – Moral Putrefaction, and also plays with the Carnatic fusion band Yaazhi. Shiva is also aspiring to be a singer, being trained in Western Classical vocals.

Jude Mario

Jude, a graduate from Loyola, is a seasoned recording artist and has been playing Guitar professionally for over 20 years. He has recorded with leading music producers in Tamil & Telugu films for films & Ad jingles. He is a familiar face in the live music circuit. Apart from recording with various musicians, Jude is adept at playing classic rock and heavy metal.

Pascal Rabboni

An avid Rock music fan, Pascal has been a Vocalist and a Bassist for over 20 years now. He works with a leading technology firm. He holds an Engineering & MBA degree.